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Sneakers Designed Just For You!

Our design and development team focused entirely on first person research. When evaluating the research our focus and integration goal was individual expression, sustainability, hemp, cool vibes, inspiration and you.

The cool stuff built in:

Hemp in every shoe we make

We designed our shoe upper with the cooler aspects of hemp in mind. Hemp requires less water than cotton, softens nicely with age, retains color better than most other fabrics, resists bacterial growth, and breathes excellently helping with preventing odors.

Piping, dual laces and tail flair

Each shoe is accented with cool color matched piping, two sets of laces, one set with custom print, one set without custom print and our signature rear lace with tail flair adjustment.

Vegan friendly

We designed for coolness and cruelty free. Our uppers are animal part free.

Recycled rubber outsoles

Our outsole is made of recycled rubber designed with minimizing waste and impact on our environment. By reduced landfills we are promoting a cleaner environment and ultimately reducing greenhouse gas emission.

Comfort with every step

We increased the amount of cushioning used in our shoe design focusing on sustained comfort just for you.

Shoe Highlights:

Hemp + Collar Piping + Cruelty Free Uppers + Tail Flair

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