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P – Pacific Beach Lifestyle

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S – Sustainable

S Streetwear

I Inspirational


RE-ROLL Sneakers

May 1991

The shoe concept design and brand were originally born in Anaheim, California.

September 1993

Issued a United States patent on our rear lace design.

May 2019

We RE-ROLL our design and our first steps as an entity happen in Olympia Washington.

March 2020

World Health Organization declares COVID- 19 a global pandemic. Our RE-ROLL efforts get rocked. Everything comes to a stop except the factory search.

January 2021

With our new factory partners we begin the process of reviewing shoe samples multiple times. We modernize logo, increase recycled materials in production specifications and prepare for first colorway launch.

May 2022

RE-ROLL drops!

Getting Our Steps In - Our RE-ROLL Story

Step 1: Create Your Narrative.

Step 2: We decided that we needed to RE-ROLL the design of the original 1991 Possi sneaker. In order to do this, we spent 9 months conducting first person research.

Step 3: We hired an amazing design company. Working with the design team for 6 months on appearance and sustainability options we put the idea on paper and create a technical pack.

Step 4: We found an amazing sample factory that brought the shoe to physical form. After numerus emails, video chats and 7 months of rework our first sample is created.

Step 5: Completed the Samples in multiple color ways.

Step 6: Rebrand logo to align more with our mission and our Narrative.

Step 7: RE-ROLL black color way drops May 2022!


Sneakers Designed Just For You!

Our design and development team focused entirely on first person research. When evaluating the research our focus and integration goal was individual expression, cool vibes and inspiration.

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